Do we get to ride the horses ?

No, all of the equine therapy is done on the ground. There is no riding at any time. Equine assisted learning is not the same as therapeutic riding.

Is there any research to prove this model’s efficacy?

EAGALA Model EAP is solidly grounded in well-established and researched theories of psychotherapy including Gestalt Psychotherapy, Solution-Focused Psychotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and Experiential Psycho- therapy. The EAGALA Model is a clinical advance on these established practices where the incorporation of horses in psychotherapy is a deliberate, principled, thoughtful and professional catalyst to change.

As with many advances in clinical practice, clinical success precedes systematic study.

• EAGALA Model EAP has effectively been employed in the treatment of numerous behavioral and emotional disorders that are traditionally resistant to intervention and change including conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, personality disorders and eating disorders.
• Clinical practice has led to academic interest where numerous studies have explored the effectiveness of EAP. Despite a variety of methodological weaknesses, the findings of these studies are remarkably consistent, providing support for the effectiveness of EAP with a variety of clients, highlighting the need for further study.

• Two studies to date have employed randomized control group designs to examine EAP effectiveness. Focusing on different populations (distressed couples and at-risk youth), both studies compared EAP with empirically validated interventions using valid and reliable measures. EAP was found to be equally or more effective than established interventions in both studies.

• Trotter, K., Chandler, C., Goodwin-Bond, D., & Casey, J. (2008). A comparative study of the efficacy of group equine assisted counseling with at-risk children and adolescents. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, Vol. 3(3), 254-284.
• Russell-Martin, L.A. (2006). Equine facilitated couples therapy and Solution Focused couples therapy: A compara- tive study. Doctorate of Philosophy, Northcentral University.

EAGALA is committed to empirical research as an important tool in identifying best practices

Can the horses hurt my child or myself?

Horses are very large animals. All animals can be unpredictable at times. Herd By A Horse takes safety very seriously. All of the horses we use are chosen for their qualities and manner.

What should you wear?

What you wear is important part of the safety and experience that is provided. Do not wear loose clothing, loose jewelry, or any items that may become entangled. Hard soled shoes are required, no sandals. Boots are preferred. Expect that you will get dirty. Water is available, along with restrooms on the premises. We will be utilizing an indoor arena, which can be cooler at times. Wear layered clothing.

What if I am afraid of horses?

Being afraid of horses is a common fear by many. You do not need to be a “horse” person to participate in any of the sessions. Most people who participate have no prior experience with horses. For those participants that have  fear at the beginning of the sessions, the fear tends to dissipate fairly quickly once the sessions begin.

All staff and consultants at Herd By A Horse are trained by EAGALA, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, and hold basic and/or advanced certifications.

What if I want to have my organization come for a retreat for a day? 

Many organizations, including school SAP teams utilize equine therapy for retreats, strategic planning and such. Herd By A Horse can organize any type of day that you would like. Our facility has an attached classroom so that we may provide educational material  along with the equine experiences. In addition, we can arrange for refreshments and meals to be brought onto the site. We can arrange half day to multiple day events. Contact: David Rosenker at 610-914-6106 or email at info@herdbyahorse.com for scheduling and further details.

I would like to see a particular workshop added, how do I suggest a topic?

Herd By A Horse offers many different topics of workshops throughout the year. If you do not see a particular workshop scheduled contact us for a special date. If you have a group that you would like us to provide the workshop for, just let us know and we can arrange the details.


I would like to schedule a demo for my organization, group or just individually, how do I arrange?

Herd By A Horse can perform a  FREE  demo that is individualized for one or multiple persons. The focus will be a combination of experiential exercises and discussion on techniques. Contact: David Rosenker at 610-914-6106 to arrange your personal demo.


I would like someone to come and talk to my staff, organization or practice about equine therapy. How do I arrange?

We can schedule a presentation that fits your needs. Be it a small gathering or large. The best way to understand the practice of equine therapy and how it fits for your particular needs is to arrange a combination presentation and demo. Depending on the location and practicability, we can sometimes arrange to bring one or multiple horses to the presentation. Contact: David Rosenker for details and scheduling.


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Herd By A Horse is an Approved 501C3 Non - Profit Corporation Contact David Rosenker. If interested in helping those who cannot afford equine services donate here.