Having a child enter into any type of therapy is a difficult decision. Whom do you trust, will they be professional, can they help my particular situation, how is this different than any other therapy? Those are just some of the questions we get asked. For most kids entering into therapy, sitting in an office is intimidating, and at times frightening. Teens tend to get defensive, quiet and are unwilling to share personal information. They then get labeled by some therapists as resistant, which promotes other issues for them in therapy. 

The use of horses takes many of those issues away. Many teens coming into the arena are in awe of the size of the horses, and that they are close enough to touch, and hug. Many teens have never been that close to a horse. 

Much of the activities and methods we use are non-threatening, interactive and meant to disarm the most distressful teen. Our horses are “in tune” to the teens feelings, and react accordingly. The picture below is a perfect example of how that plays out in a session. 

1. Effectiveness- The EAGALA model creates interactive sessions with horses that allow participants to “see” where the problems are and find ways to solve them. In the sessions we facilitate, the focus is on doing, being active in-the- moment, and finding solutions that provide faster, more permanent change. 

2. Professionalism -The EAGALA model requires a licensed mental health care professional and an experienced horse professional working together as a team for the benefit of the participant. You can assure you as a parent, that we are a well researched and professional program, staffed by qualified staff.

3. Makes the Process More Engaging – Once a horse enters the equation, participants are instantly attentive and engaged in the process. This is helpful for a resistant client that may not be progressing. 

4. Gets Participant Past the Sticking Points- everyone can hit a wall in therapy where the child remains stuck in old patterns and attitudes. The EAGALA model can help get them unstuck.

5. Great for Individuals and Family Sessions -Whether working with individuals or families, the horses provide powerful opportunities to address social skills, communication issues, and other dynamics necessary for healthy, meaningful relationships. 



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